With iOS 17.2, Apple is bringing the long-awaited change

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple is about to make one of the long-awaited changes for iPhone users, through the upcoming iOS 17.2 release.

According to GearRice , the change discovered in the latest iOS 17.2 beta 4 version involves the ability for users to change the alert sound on iPhone when receiving notifications in any app.

In reality, it’s a simple feature that took Apple so long to get right. Besides that, the company is going even further into the future by allowing users to create personalized vibration patterns.

Previously, Apple allowed users to change the sounds iPhones made when receiving calls, messages, calendar apps, and reminders. However, the remaining apps have the standard alert sound – a sound familiar to iPhone users.

But starting with iOS 17.2, Apple will allow users to change the default sounds produced by alerts, i.e. notifications from third-party apps and services. To change the application alert sound, users simply need to access the Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Default Alerts menu, from there users can choose the default notification sound of any application.

On the other hand, iOS 17.2 also includes another interesting change to notifications: the ability to create vibration patterns. To do this, users go back to the Default Alerts section as mentioned, then click Vibration > Create new vibration. Next, users can record a custom vibration pattern when receiving an alert.

These changes will come to all iPhone users starting with iOS 17.2. The final version of this update is likely to be deployed in December.

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