Russia makes USB that self-destructs when hacked

by nativetechdoctor
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The Technodynamika group technology subsidiary of the Russian Rostec is making a USB with a fuse inside.

According to Tom’s Hardware, users can detonate the USB stick by pressing a button on the end of the device. At that time, the fuse will be activated to burn the circuit board and destroy the NAND memory chip inside at the critical moment, completely harmless to the person pressing the button.

Technodynamika confirms that the USB shell is still intact after self-destructing to ensure the safety of the owner. However, the company hasn’t explained how it will prevent accidental triggering of the self-destruct button.

Igor Nasenkov – CEO of Technodynamika said: “We have created a device capable of protecting information from unauthorized access, experts have proven impossible to recover deleted data. In the future, we will test the safety of the device under long-term storage, mechanical impact and climatic factors. We will also be working on more different designs for the device case “.

Tom’s Hardware considers destruction data Technodynamika’s extreme approach unnecessary, as many modern drives can encrypt data with an AES-256 key. Unless the bad guy has a quantum computer, there’s no way to crack the 256-bit key in no time.

The self-destructing USB only exists as a prototype, not yet officially sold. Once the product is complete, Technodynamika will customize the performance and capacity of the USB according to the customer’s request.

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