Safari adds 9 new features in iOS 17

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With each iOS update, Apple also brings in more new features to its apps, especially its Safari web browser.

With iOS 17, Safari will also receive security functions, improved search, and Siri integration… Here are 9 new features that will appear on the Safari browser


In the ‌iOS 17‌ operating system, Apple extends Tab Groups with a Profile feature designed to allow the Safari browser to be segregated for different use cases. Users can create profiles like “Work” and “Personal” so that work-related browsing is kept separate from their private lives.

Lock private browsing window

From iOS 17, private browsing windows will be locked and require authentication to open. If the user gives the unlocked phone to someone else and they intend to open private browsing in Safari, this access will be blocked until the owner uses Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate to open the feature.

Private search engine

Since iOS 16, users have been able to choose a default search engine to use with Safari. But in ‌iOS 17‌, they can choose separate search engines for regular browsing and private browsing. Options include Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia.

Remove tracking information in URL

Web addresses in ‌iOS 17‌ can have all tracking information added to the end of the URL so that websites cannot track the user’s browsing activity with the identifier. This function is automatically enabled for private browsing in ‌iOS 17‌but can be enabled for all browsing.

Hide IP address from website

iOS 17‌ adds the option to hide the IP address from both trackers and websites or just hide it from trackers when using the iCloud Private Relay feature. With Trackers and Sites selected, the IP address will be kept private and websites will not be able to determine the user’s location using this information.

This is a big upgrade. On iOS 16, iCloud‌ Private Relay is designed to hide IPs from known trackers.

Enhanced search capabilities

The search section will be more responsive in ‌iOS 17‌, it also offers more search suggestions for you to choose from. Apple has added a favorite icon to site search suggestions, and results come from clearly marked user bookmarks, tabs, and search history.

Listen to website content

Siri‌ virtual assistant in ‌iOS 17‌ can read a web page to users in Safari, which is useful if they want to consume an article or content while doing other things. This feature works as long as Reader Mode is present on the web page.

To do this, from the Safari browser, the user clicks on the Aa icon in the address bar and selects Listen to Page. Siri‌ will start reading the content of the website. Users have the option to pause or resume listening. If they lock their screen, they’ll get playback controls.

‌Siri‌ will also read the web page if the user goes to a selected article and invokes Siri with the voice command “Read this to me”

Share Password and passkey

As of ‌iOS 17‌/iPadOS 17/macOS Sonoma, Apple has added the option for users to securely share passwords and passkeys with friends and family members. With the new sharing feature, passwords for accounts, utilities, invoices, etc. can be provided to many people.

Shared people can access, add, and change shared passwords by going to the Passwords section of Settings and selecting “Get Started” under the “Passwords” heading family” (Family Passwords).

This isn’t strictly a Safari feature, but it does make it simpler to sign in to websites where users use shared credentials

Change location privacy settings

Privacy-focused settings including Block All Cookies, Privacy-Preserving Ad Measurement, and Apple Pay Audit have been moved from the “Privacy & Privacy” section security” (Privacy & Security) of the Safari settings to the “Advanced” section.

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