Safari is the most popular web browser after Google Chrome

by nativetechdoctor

Safari has regained second place from Microsoft Edge in the list of the most popular web browsers on computers, but it is still a long way from Google Chrome.

According to data from the latest survey conducted by analytics service StatCounter, Safari is being used as the main web browser on 11.87% of computers worldwide, 0.87% higher than Microsoft Edge (ranked No. three with 11%), although this is the default web application on Windows – the world’s most popular computer operating system.

In the same period last year, Edge overtook Safari with a difference of 0.1% mainly thanks to the popularity of Windows 11, a platform heavily invested by Microsoft with the goal of “covering” the default browser Edge

The rise of Safari – the default web browser on macOS platforms reflects the growth of Mac sales globally in 2022, despite supply constraints. Increased user interest in Apple-made M-series Mac models pushed sales of these devices to $11.5 billion in the final quarter of 2022, up $2.5 billion from the previous quarter. in the same period last year.

In fiscal year 2022, Macs brought in total revenue of $40.1 billion for Apple, up $5 billion from 2021. In the fourth quarter of 2022, half of Mac buyers were new customers for the first time. use the product, contributing to a significant increase in market share for Safari.

Topping the list is still Google Chrome which shows no signs of being replaced anytime soon, accounting for 66.13% of the global market share. Thus, the total market share of the remaining browsers is still lower than what Chrome owns. In fourth place is Mozilla’s Firefox with 5.65%. Followed by Opera (3.09%) and IE (0.55%). Notably, IE has been disabled by Microsoft since February 14, 2023, users cannot access this software since the above time

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