Check signed by Steve Jobs to be auctioned

by nativetechdoctor
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A $175 check signed by Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple nearly half a century ago, is being auctioned off in good condition.

In the past, there have been original iPhones, never even unboxed, that have been auctioned for shocking amounts of money. And recently, a check signed by Steve Jobs – the late Apple CEO – on July 8, 1976, is being valued at more than $25,000 by auction house RRAuction (nearly 600 million VND).

The check issued by Wells Fargo was filled out and signed by Steve Jobs, on behalf of Apple Computer for a management consulting firm based in Palo Alto. This consulting firm served several high-tech companies in Northern California (USA) at that time including Atari, Xerox, and National Semiconductor

The time of 1976 is also quite interesting as the year Apple was born. The check was signed just a few months after the release of the Apple I. Auctioneer RRAuction says Steve Jobs’ hiring of such a company in Apple’s early stages demonstrates the late CEO’s vision for long-term growth. of a multinational technology corporation currently headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Auction house RRAuction estimates the value of the check signed by Steve Jobs at more than $25,000. However, the current auction price is only 16,500 USD, the auction will end on May 11. At the same time, a business card of Steve Jobs at the company NEXT was also auctioned with an estimate that the winner would have to spend up to $ 800 to own

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