Snapdragon X Elite launched, confronting Apple M series

by nativetechdoctor
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Qualcomm just announced Snapdragon X Elite, its most powerful PC chip to date, manufactured on a 4nm process with 136 GB/s memory bandwidth. PCs with this chip are expected to ship in mid-2024.

According to The Verge, Qualcomm has made the ambitious claim that Snapdragon X Elite will outperform many Intel Core i7 chips on the Geekbench 6 benchmark when measuring multi-threaded performance. The company provided a chart as evidence of this, although it did not label it specifically. Besides, they don’t mention single-threaded performance – an area where Intel CPUs have traditionally been strong. Additional charts show that the Snapdragon X Elite also beats the Ryzen 9 7940HS in GPU benchmarks, with “relatively improved performance”.

Qualcomm also claims the Snapdragon X Elite will deliver “peak multi-threaded performance that’s 50% faster” than the Apple M2. In fact, the X Elite has 50% more cores than the M2 and consumes more power, so, of course, it will perform better on Geekbench at “peak multi-threaded performance”. However, it is clear that the new chip will bring a big step forward in performance compared to previous Snapdragon chips for PCs.

In addition, Qualcomm also announced a new technology called Snapdragon Seamless. ‘s description According to Qualcomm, this is “a cross-platform technology that allows Android, Windows and Snapdragon devices using other operating systems to discover each other and share information to operate as an integrated system.” .

For example, users can drag/drop files and windows across different devices, share screens, or let the headset automatically switch between them. Stremless will be integrated into the Snapdragon chip platform with existing partners including Microsoft, Google, Dell, Lenovo, Honor, and Oppo

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