The AI ​​game controller can predict the player’s clicks

by nativetechdoctor
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AI has intervened in the game controls, but will this cause a loss of fairness?

According to BGR, recalling the heyday of console games in the late 90s, many people may have heard of the name “GameShark”, a strange device that allowed players to ‘cheat’ using cheat codes in games. Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Although the time of cheat codes has passed, at CES 2024, the name “GameShark” suddenly reappeared with a completely new look: a smart game controller applying artificial intelligence (AI).

On the official website, AI Shark introduced 5 of its upcoming products including an integrated processor, game controller, mouse, keyboard, and headset. In particular, the game controller with the ability to “adapt to the playing style” is a notable focus.

According to the manufacturer, this handle is equipped with a sensor that recognizes grip force and button press time. The artificial intelligence inside the board can adjust the sensitivity and response speed of the buttons in real-time.

“The controller’s AI will learn your habits and preferences, thereby suggesting changing button positions or adjusting key sensitivity, helping players of all levels to perform complex operations.” “For beginners, this controller will act as an intuitive guide; for veteran gamers, this is a smart tool that is always fine-tuned to suit their level.” AI Shark explains on the product page.

However, compared to the era of GameShark, today’s online gaming world is completely different. There are millions of players competing in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, or GTA Online every day. If this AI controller is really as ‘smart’ as advertised, will it create an advantage for the owner and unfairness to others?

But it remains to be seen because AI Shark is not the first AI company to make ‘out of the box’ promises that they cannot keep. But at the very least, gamers are excited by the prospect of the rise of AI-powered gaming devices in the coming years and how game developers will respond to them.

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