The iPhone SE 2020 meets Apple’s expectations

by nativetechdoctor
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A recent study by CIRP found that the iPhone SE 2020 is becoming increasingly popular among consumers who prefer older iPhone models. According to PhoneArena, the iPhone SE 2020, even though it was released in late April, is still an impressive number, up to 19% of all iPhone transactions in the second quarter of 2020, making it the third most popular smartphone in the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro max range.

More importantly, 73% of all iPhone SE users in the U.S. are upgrading from iPhones that were launched before 2017. This list includes models like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, and 6 Plus, as well. like the original iPhone SE.

CIRP also found that the rate of increase for users older than the iPhone SE 2020 more than doubled for the rest of the Apple product line. For example, only 32% of other model buyers were upgraded when they had an iPhone 3 years ago.

Therefore, the iPhone SE 2020 has basically brought success to Apple by attracting “stubborn” customers to accept spending money to join the Apple ecosystem for a few more years.

In addition, CIRP also recorded the iPhone 11 once again as the most popular iPhone model in the past month. It accounted for about 34% of all iPhone transactions in the US between April and June. However, this market share is not as high as the iPhone XR achieved in the same period last year, at 48%.

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