Apple temporarily escaped a $ 15 billion penalty in Europe

by nativetechdoctor
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The European Court of First Instance has rejected the European Commission’s earlier decision to ask Apple to pay an additional record tax to the Irish government of € 13 billion ($ 14.9 billion).

According to TheVerge, the judges of the European Court of First Instance (EU) rejected the European Commission’s allegations in 2016 because this decision contradicted the European Union’s general legal criteria. The court ruled that the decision was based on the decision of the Irish tax authority and not Apple’s fault.

After the ruling was made, the Irish Ministry of Finance was satisfied and said it did not offer any special treatment for Apple, the amount of tax Ireland imposed on Apple was completely based on rules. common Irish.

Meanwhile, Apple said this was the right decision and affirmed, “this is not a matter of how much tax we have to pay, but a matter of where we pay taxes.”

As a rule, the European Commission will have about 40 days to appeal the decision to the EU Supreme Court, which issues the final verdict.

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