The latest Starfield patch adds an FOV slider

by nativetechdoctor
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Publisher Bethesda has released a small patch for Starfield introducing a completely new feature to improve the quality of the game experience: the field of view (FOV – Field of View) slider.

The FOV slider is very popular in games like Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, Dark Souls, and Forza The FOV slider allows players to adjust their field of view from a first-person perspective to a human perspective The third helps gamers have a wider or closer view depending on the situation. This is also the function of changing the viewing angle to suit the player’s preferences to help them observe their surroundings to improve their awareness of games

Starfield did not have this function on the first day of launch, causing gamers to cry on the forums, and now, they have learned to listen to players by adding this feature in the latest patch released yesterday. 9.10.

In this Starfield patch, the biggest highlight is the FOV slider, just what players have been asking for since the game launched. Too many people have argued that a “blockbuster” game shouldn’t be released without an FOV feature, and Starfield has done just that. At least, “better late than never”!

The FOV slider is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and can be found in Starfield’s “settings”. It will allow players to change both first-person and third-person perspectives and this received enthusiastic acclaim from the community.

Additionally, the patch improves stability for Intel Arc GPUs on PC platforms and fixes crash in the “Echoes of the Past” mission.

“Starfield 1.7.36” is just a fairly small patch but nonetheless, it brings a feature that both Xbox and especially PC players wanted in the game. Publisher Bethesda is still working on more fixes and improvements to Starfield and hopes gamers will receive more adjustments to HDR (realistic images) and DLSS (high-quality frames)

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