The new iMac, 10.8-inch iPad Air launches in the second half of 2020

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DigiTimes sources include a number of new screen sizes for many iPads and iMacs. Apple’s new products for the second half of 2020 are expected to include 10.8-inch iPad Air, 23-inch iMac, and an 8-inch iPad mini.

The iPad Air 10.8 inch version will be the successor to the previous 10.2-inch model with enlarged screen size. DigiTimes also said that Apple could not have a new iMac model with the design language inherited from the iPad Pro, as previously reported.

In addition, Apple will launch a 12.9-inch iPad Pro model with a mini LED screen in the first half of next year. The backlit LED mini screen is a completely new on-screen product that allows for thinner and lighter product design while offering the same benefits as the OLED screen used in the iPhone model. It currently includes a good wide color gamut, high contrast, and deep black. At present, information about major iPad Air panel providers is being planned, including LG Display, BOE Technology, and Sharp, while Radiant will be the only BLU provider.

In early April, China Times confirmed that the new Apple iMac will have a screen size of 23 inches. This new product will have a size similar to the 21.5-inch iMac last year with an optimized edge size. Screen. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 27-inch iMac Pro, 14-inch MacBook Pro, and 16-inch 16-inch MacBook Pro are expected to be launched next year, and all are expected to have a new Mini-LED screen technology.

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