There will soon be a smartphone equipped with the world’s fastest RAM

by nativetechdoctor

Announced nearly a year ago (in January 2023), LPDDR5T RAM technology has not yet been integrated into any phone. But things could soon change.

According to PhoneArena, compared to the best LPDDR5X RAM on smartphones today, LPDDR5T provides 13% faster read speed, meaning smartphone performance with this technology will improve significantly. However, the appearance of smartphones with LPDDR5T RAM has not yet come true

Now, the latest report coming from Digital Chat Station on Weibo shows that the first devices equipped with LPDDR5T RAM memory will be the Vivo X100 series launching on November 17 in China. Accordingly, in addition to coming with the new LPDDR5T RAM memory, the Vivo X100 series also attracts attention with features such as Dimensity 9300 chip and UFS 4.0. These combine to form a new “performance triangle”.

13% might not sound like much, but operating at the LPDDR5T’s 9.6GB/s data rate is more exciting than the 8.5GB/s peak the LPDDR5X currently has. Recent reviews from AnTuTu show that the Dimensity 9300 chip provides stronger performance than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, making everything even more perfect.

SK Hynix will be the supplier of LPDDR5X RAM for Vivo X100. The company is planning to offer a product with a capacity of 16 GB by combining multiple individual LPDDR5T chips that promise to deliver data processing speeds of 77 GB/s. The company also says the LPDDR5T is power efficient because it operates at low voltage.

In addition to improved performance capabilities, the Vivo X100 series also promises to bring top-notch camera setups to provide users with the best mobile photography experience. Among these, Vivo X100 Pro Plus may come with an IMX 989 main camera with variable aperture and a 200 MP telephoto lens

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