TikTok changes the video display algorithm to reduce negative emotions

by nativetechdoctor
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Recently, TikTok officially announced a change to the For You section algorithm. Not only providing a more diverse and richer experience, this change also ensures the safety of users.

This move is believed to be TikTok’s response to the negative points of this platform social networking , which was by The Wall Street Journal warned at the end of July 2021.

Explaining the algorithm change this time, TikTok said: “We are reviewing the status of our system – accidentally recommending a series of videos that are too similar. This doesn’t violate any of our policies, but users can be negatively impacted emotionally based on what interests them, such as content about loneliness, sadness or pressure to lose weight, for example. Our goal is to provide every user with a diverse and innovative For You newsletter.”

In addition, TikTok also revealed plans to develop a Content Filtering feature, allowing users to filter out unwanted content based on keywords and hashtags.

TikTok (also known as mainland Chinese market Douyin in the ) is a short-form video social networking platform that is gaining popularity in many major markets such as China, the US or Australia. However, this platform also faced many concerns about national security, safety consumer and was even banned in many Asian countries such as India, Indonesia or Bangladesh.

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