TikTok demands the right to view sensitive data on iPhone

by nativetechdoctor
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The TikTok application on iPhone requires users to grant permission to “see” the password to open the device to be used.

According to Phone Arena, a post on the Reddit forum had many people “accusing” TikTok of requiring iPhone users to provide an unlock code (a string of numbers to bypass the lock screen) to continue using the program. Technology experts say this action is unusual, especially for a company that has been accused of stealing user data.

TikTok does not explain why the application needs to know the iPhone unlock code but does not rule out the possibility that this is a bug. Accordingly, a few cases said they were continuously asked to enter the key code each time they used the application. The TikTok version this person installed on his iPhone has the number 32.5.0. Additionally, those who choose to click Cancel when asked to enter their password can continue their session on the app.

However, updating to newer software does not solve the problem. The situation became more serious when they could not find a solution, causing some people to become worried and start changing passwords of important software on their devices, including banking applications and related programs. related to finance.

Deleting the TikTok app is an easy option, but many people don’t want to do it for fear of losing clips saved on the platform. In some cases, people who tried deleting and reinstalling TikTok on their devices said they no longer encountered the above situation.

The company that owns the video-sharing social network has not yet commented on the issue. Therefore, in case you encounter a similar situation on your device, users can press the Cancel button to cancel the request to enter a password to unlock the device or reinstall a new version of the application from the App Store on the phone. Do not enter sensitive information.

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