Users complain about problems on iOS 17.2.1

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Apple claimed iOS 17.2.1 would fix major problems on the iPhone, but this apparently did not happen.

According to PhoneArena, on December 19, Apple released iOS 17.2.1 with the claim of helping iPhone users fix “important errors”. According to release notes in China and Japan, Apple says that this update will “resolve an issue that causes the battery to drain quickly.”

But things were not as users expected when the new iOS version had a problem that interrupted the connection with the mobile network provider. Accordingly, on Apple’s Support Community Discussions support website, many iPhone users have complained about their troubles after installing iOS 17.2.1.

A user with an account named “Hedgehog64” wrote: “After updating my iPhone to 17.2.1, I can’t connect to the carrier anymore. I tried resetting the settings but it still doesn’t work! I is very uncomfortable”.

There are even some reports from iPhone users saying that the update released to fix battery drain causes the phone’s battery to drain even faster. Specifically, user “vitesh194” shared: “After installing the update, I am experiencing overheating and battery drain issue on iPhone 15. Do we have any solution for this problem?”.

Besides the criticism, there are also some users who suggest solutions to handle the problem as follows:

  1. Reset network settings: Access the Settings app > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Select Reset Network Settings.
  2. Delete VPN profile: Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > VPN (click the “i” next to the VPN profile name) > Delete VPN.
  3. Factory Reset: This is the final fix, if the above doesn’t work remember to back up your iPhone before doing this. You still access the network settings path, but instead of selecting “Reset Network Settings”, select “Reset All Settings”.

In addition, one last option is to update to the iOS 17.3 beta version. Since the iOS 17.3 beta release was rolled out before iOS 17.2.1, installing it can help get rid of network connectivity errors.

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