Torrent: fined $ 100,000 for downloading pirate movies

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A regular user of the YST torrent site was recently fined $ 100,000. Based on the information provided by the platform, rights holders have accused internet users of having downloaded many films in the past year, including Rambo 5.

Mikal Mesot, a US military official based in Hawaii, was recently fined $ 100,000, according to Torrent Freak. In 2019, the man uploaded several pirated copies to torrent platform YTS, including Hellboy and Rambo 5: The Last Blood. It was the production company of the two feature films that filed a lawsuit against Mesot, HB Productions.

The torrent site provided evidence against the internet user

The origin of the affair was an agreement between HB Productions and YTS. The torrent platform was accused of piracy and agreed to delete files associated with the film in early January 2020. YST also agreed to pay a fine of $ 150,000 to avoid further legal action. The production company also asked pirate sites to provide information about internet users who had illegally downloaded their films.

It is for this reason that YTS US Justice has shared Mical Mesot’s email address, IP address, download history and contact time on the website. The user has actually opened an account on the hacking site. Thanks to this valuable information, combined with data from Mical Mesot’s Facebook account, the authorities were able to track him down within weeks.

Thanks to the abundance of evidence presented by YTS, justice was quickly cleared in the interests of American manufacturing companies. “Although Defendant (Editor’s Note: Mical Mesot) was liable for $ 2,995,916.28 in damages for his crimes, Plaintiff (Editor’s Note: HB Productions) only asked for damages of $ 97,704.79, which is only 15% in accordance with the real damage caused by his crimes in the US, ”explained the attorney from HB Productions.

For customs clearance, YST specifies that Internet users are invited to regularly empty their download history, not to provide an email address that can trace back to their identity and to use, whatever happens, a VPN to download files. series and movies.

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