US court continues to sanction Google in privacy case

by nativetechdoctor

The data privacy lawsuit is not the first with Google. The “giant” is still facing consecutive legal failures. In less than a week, the company was sanctioned by US courts twice.

On March 30, the US court continued to sanction Google LLC for the second time after the first time on March 28. The latest decision from US judge Susan van Keulen in San Jose, California said Alphabet Inc has overdue the time to pay fines from May 2022 in a class-action lawsuit over data privacy. The class-action lawsuit claims Google illegally tracked its users while they were using the company’s Chrome browser in incognito mode

The court ordered Google to pay a $971,000 fine, but the tech giant has yet to comply. Van Keulen also said Google would be barred from contacting employee witnesses in the lawsuit. In addition, the company must also pay fees related to two experts working for the plaintiff and must pay a fine of 79,000 USD.

Earlier, on March 29 in California, James Donato, the US district judge, concluded that Google intentionally deleted evidence in the antitrust case in November 2022. This lawsuit is aimed at Google Play dominating the development and distribution of applications on Android. The plaintiffs have claimed damages amounting to $4.7 billion. Donato said the plaintiffs’ attorneys will be paid legal fees in an amount to be determined later

“Google is trying to downplay the issue and show disapproval of its behavior,” Judge Donato said.

Google is still disclaiming liability. In the data privacy lawsuit, Google firmly denied that it had deceived users when browsing the web in incognito mode, saying that by using Chrome, people had consented to the company’s data collection. company

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