US puts NSO Group an Israeli spyware company on ‘blacklist’

by nativetechdoctor
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Israeli company NSO Group onetime caused a stir for creating spyware that could bypass the iPhone’s security hedge.

According to CNN, the US Commerce Department only has two companies, the NSO Group blacklisted Israeli and Candiru, because they believe that these companies provide spyware to foreign governments to spy on politicians, journalists, and politicians. Social activities throughout the world.

Russia’s positive technologies and Computer Security Initiative Consultancy Singapore Initiative have also been established for the sale of cyber tools that help bad guys gain unauthorized access to American information systems. The companies in the list will be prohibited from the purchase of unlicensed United States software.

This is a major step forward by the government of President Joe Biden to reduce human rights violations. A few months ago, experts have accused NSO cybersecurity software Pegasus Group of selling to a foreign government for the purpose of spying on a global actor.

This software is more than able to remove cellphones that are considered the top security like the iPhone with a very sophisticated zero-click attack. Pegasus can infect your device only with a strange link sent through popular applications such as iMessage, even if you don’t click on the link or open a message.

The NSO Group immediately voiced American opposition allegations, insisted they only sell software for agencies, law enforcement and anti-terrorist.

Natalia Kraapiva, legal counsel a technology in Access now, cheered in the latest steps by the Biden administration. This person suggests that other governments be able to follow US instructions in banning spyware companies.

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