What should I pay attention to when using iPhone for the first time?

by nativetechdoctor

Using iPhone for the first time, users may not be familiar with all the features this device has to offer. Here are some common mistakes that users can make.

Using a third-party password manager

Instead of relying on third-party password managers for individual services and accounts, iPhone has the convenient and secure tool iCloud Keychain at its disposal, Apple’s built-in password manager that can help create and store strong passwords for all of your accounts.

To use iCloud Keychain, users go to Settings > username > iCloud and turn on Keychain. If you want to add or view saved passwords, go to Settings > Password.

Do not use the ring/silent switch

One of the most useful hardware features on the iPhone is the ring/silent switch located on the left side of the device, right next to the volume buttons. Users can quickly and easily mute their devices without interacting with the screen or affecting the media player volume. In addition, users can simply glance at the switch to know if their device is in silent mode, as they will see an orange line when in this mode.

Using unlicensed accessories

Unlicensed chargers or accessories may not undergo the same rigorous safety testing as official or licensed Apple accessories, putting the device at risk. To see if you’re using a safe and compatible third-party accessory, make sure it has the MFi (Made for iPhone) logo indicating that Apple has approved it.

apps external

Jailbreaking an iPhone means removing the restrictions imposed by Apple, helping users to install unchecked apps from third-party sources. However, jailbreaking an iPhone can void the warranty and can make it vulnerable to malware and other security threats. Jailbreaking a device also makes it harder to install future software updates, leaving users vulnerable to new security holes.

not use the Optimized Battery Charging feature

An iPhone battery will degrade over time, making it unable to charge as long as it did when it was new. One way to maintain the health of your iPhone battery is to use the Optimized Battery Charging feature that helps reduce battery aging. To enable Optimized Battery Charging, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and enable it.

not paying attention to app permissions

Many applications ask to grant access to certain features such as camera, microphone, location, etc. during the installation process, and many people do not care to just click the Allow button. However, giving apps access to sensitive data can pose privacy and security risks. Users can check and re-grant privacy on the app by going to Settings > Privacy and selecting the relevant category.

not configuring find My iPhone

This is a feature that users will hopefully never have to use, but it’s best to enable it so that it can locate a device if it’s lost or stolen. To set up Find My iPhone, go to Settings > username > iCloud. Then scroll down and turn on the Find My iPhone feature. Users can also turn on Send Last Location to send their device location to Apple when the battery is low.

not backing up your device often

Losing information on your iPhone such as contacts, and messages … can be very dangerous, so you should enable iCloud Backup to automatically back up your data. Users can do this by going to Settings > username > iCloud. Then scroll down and turn on the iCloud Backup feature.

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