Windows 10 error when closing, opening laptops repeatedly

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Microsoft is trying to fix a strange problem that causes the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) to crash when users repeatedly open and close their laptops. According to Techradar, problems reported can affect laptops that are running versions of Windows 10 and that are configured to run at 4K resolution, regardless of whether they are displayed on the device’s screen or through an external monitor.

According to a recent Microsoft support section, the DWM problem is caused by a bug in the Microsoft DirectX video memory management component and not a hardware problem. When the desktop composition is activated, Windows 10 activates visual effects associated with desktop activity and supports high-resolution displays, including 4K.

According to members of different online forums, DWM incidents can cause a range of different impact effects. Some users find their desktop icons have been rearranged and resized, others unable to activate Windows Aero themes (3D window switching support, taskbar preview). and make it transparent), the most serious of which results in a black screen, forced to reboot to fix.

Microsoft has created two scenarios when users perform some specific actions as follows:

Scenario 1:

  • User outputs HDMI to a monitor from a laptop running Windows 10
  • The screen is configured to operate in 4K resolution
  • Users continuously play 4K H264 videos in Movies and TV on computers
  • In the Control Panel, users open the Advanced Settings screen of Power Options, set “Lid close action” to “Do nothing”
  • While 4K video is playing, users repeatedly close and open the computer

Scenario 2:

  • Users connect two 4K displays to the Thunderbolt 3 adapter
  • Users connect a 4K monitor laptop to the adapter, then configure triple clone 4K display or triple extend 4K display
  • User keeps closing and opening the computer

On its Support page, Microsoft said it is working to release a fix to the DirectX problem soon.

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