Windows 12 will have the same hardware requirements as Windows 11

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After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft continued to embark on the development of its successor operating system platform, Windows 12.

According to TechUnwrapped , previous confirmation by Windows Director Panos Panay suggests that Windows 12 will become smarter and that cloud computing will play an important role in this capability. But one topic that may interest many people in Windows 12 is what hardware will it require?

To answer this question, we need to review the moves that Microsoft has been making in the past time. With the release of each new version of Windows, Microsoft does not always increase the minimum requirements to be able to use it, and in most cases, as these requirements increase, the difference is not too much. big. Even when switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the minimum system requirements are almost the same.

But with the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft completely changed its strategy. Not only does it double the amount of RAM needed (from 2 GB to 4 GB) compared to Windows 10, it also increases the need for GPUs and storage space, especially given the limitation on the number of supported processors. support makes even very powerful CPUs “obsolete”.

Coming to Windows 12, although nothing has been confirmed yet, initial information indicates that it will have hardware requirements very similar to that of Windows 11 . This means that a PC compatible with Windows 11 should have absolutely no problem switching to Windows 12, at least in theory.

Currently, this information has not been verified and there is reason to question it in the context of Microsoft’s promise of a smart operating system that will place requirements on hardware power. However, in the event that Microsoft puts the power of intelligence through cloud computing or provides hardware acceleration modes using AI or software, the requirements will be addressed

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