8 simple but effective tips to help you properly secure your Instagram account against hack/hacking

by nativetechdoctor

Even though every year, thousands of Instagram accounts are hacked for various purposes by hackers, the risks to branded Instagram accounts, and influencers are very real! This article presents 8 simple but effective tips to help you properly secure your Instagram account and minimize the risk of hack/hacking

1 Set up two-factor authentication on your Instagram account

Two-factor authentication is the most effective way to protect your Instagram account and keep your Instagram account safe even if hackers have gained access to your Instagram account, mailbox, or password.

Specifically, this option is activated with a few clicks in your Instagram account security settings and allows you to prevent someone from logging into your account if Instagram doesn’t recognize them. A connection code will be sent to you via SMS to confirm that it is you.

This option is enabled in the “Settings -> Security -> Two-factor authentication” section for personal and corporate accounts.

2 Secure access to your mailbox

The main source for hacking Instagram accounts is controlling the mailboxes associated with insecure Instagram accounts via two-factor authentication.

If a hacker is in control of your mailbox, he can easily ask for a password reset and thus regain access to your Instagram account and then do what he wants (rename, delete,).

To properly secure your mailbox, we recommend two-factor authentication (if provided by your mailbox) again, as it is the most effective method of protection.

3 Do not reuse a password used elsewhere

Most people use the same password over and over again. This practice is known to hackers (not only those who work on Instagram) when they get fraudulent access to other accounts associated with your email, but they may also have access to all of your accounts. (including Instagram) as long as you use the same password everywhere.

It is therefore strongly recommended to have a unique password per account.

4 Use a long and strong password (with special characters, numbers, letters and capital letters)

To make your password as secure as possible, it is strongly recommended:

  • it should be long: more than 10 characters if possible (the longer it is, the more secure it is).
  • it should contain capital letters, numbers, special characters.
  • it should not contain your initials or date of birth.

5 Change your password regularly

This tip may seem obvious, but the more often you change your Instagram password, the better.

6 Use a secure password management tool

Using a free encrypted password manager can help you manage your passwords. For example, KeePass Password Safe is a free password manager released under the GPL free license v2 which allows you to store various passwords in an encrypted database in one file

7 Limit the number of people having access to the account as much as possible

It may seem obvious, but the more people who have access to the Instagram account, the greater the risk of hacking.

8 Do not share access by email

If you want to share access to your Instagram account, never send your password by email, but by SMS or, better, verbally.

above are the 8 simple but effective tips to help you properly secure your account

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