Gmail’s top-5 secret features

by nativetechdoctor

Everyone uses Gmail. However, usually, most users are familiar with the basic functions of Gmail. Information about the restricted functions is often a problem for users. In this situation, today we tell you about a secret Gmail feature that not only reduces your hassle but also makes you a Gmail Pro user.

Mute feature

The group email messages that are used in the office can be quite annoying at times. The frequent thread messages at work are quite embarrassing, especially if you work from home. To avoid this, you can disable active groups. This will move the message to the thread in the archive for you to review if it’s free. To mute the sound, click the three dots in the message thread where the mute button appears. The conversation will be silenced as soon as you click on it. Then, if you want to simulate a conversion, click Convert. You can then activate it by clicking on it.

Snooze feature

Snooze is a kind of alarm button. It works to save your time. Meaning if you have any important message that you do not want to miss. But at that time you do not have time to read the message comfortably, so you can check the mail at a fixed time using the Sooze button. You will not miss any mail update from this. To use the Snooze button, one has to tap on the message. After that you can do Snooze on a particular date and time.

Auto advanced feature

This is an easy way to delete non-essential messages. After deleting one message in it, the second message automatically arrives. Meaning you do not have to go back to the inbox again. For this, first you go to the Settings option, choose Auto Advance option from here. Then enable turn on.

Advanced search feature

Often a lot of time is spent searching a mail. To avoid this, the advanced search option can be selected. To use it, the user has to click on the right side of the search option. Where an extra tab will open. You can search mail according to time, date and key word.

Trick to send large size file

Often people have to struggle while transferring large files from Gmail. But in a way, a file of large size can be transferred through Gamil. Usually people transfer files in mail by attaching Pdfs, Word docs, image. This allows only files to be transferred up to 25MB. But if you transfer the link to FICE from Google Drive, you can transfer files over 25MB.

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