a new application allows access to PCs in the cloud from any device

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Microsoft has announced a new app that will allow you to access Windows PCs in the cloud from your iOS, web, or Windows device. This app will provide easy access to your Windows PCs on any platform, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

The new “Windows App” will grant users seamless access to various computing environments, including Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and personal computers, all from one centralized interface. This unified approach will enable users to remotely connect to their desired environments with ease.

A screenshot of the app suggests a user-friendly interface that displays a list of PCs in the cloud and individual apps, indicating that users will be able to directly launch applications installed on cloud-based PCs from the Windows application launcher.

In addition to the new Windows app, Microsoft has announced several enhancements for its Windows 365 service, including support for graphics processing units (GPUs), the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and the introduction of Cloud PC watermarking. These updates aim to improve the overall cloud computing experience for users.

It’s yet to be determined if the Windows application will form the foundation for a consumer-focused version of Windows 365. At present, Microsoft’s cloud PC offerings are primarily marketed towards businesses.

The introduction of this application could be an indication that the company is exploring subscription options for individuals. Given the compatibility of the app with iOS and Android devices, it’s likely that Microsoft is looking to move Windows to the cloud for a broader audience. The app is currently available for download from both the Microsoft Store and Apple’s TestFlight program

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