Google warns of fake version of Bard AI

by nativetechdoctor
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According to Bloomberg, Google filed a lawsuit against five unidentified people for luring people into downloading a fake version of Bard AI containing malware.

Specifically, the defendants posted ads on Facebook to trick users into downloading a fake version of Bard AI containing malicious code. Once the malicious code entered the device, the bad guys could gain access to their accounts. of the victim. Google says the group’s target is small businesses and Facebook advertisers.

As the artificial intelligence (AI) craze continues to spread globally, technology companies are facing new challenges and legal issues. Google consultant Halimah DeLaine Prado said that as the public becomes increasingly interested in AI tools, bad actors will take advantage of this and target gullible people.

The search giant accused the hacker group of impersonating the company and storing malware on Google Sites and Google Drive.

Google currently does not know the identity of the hacker group behind the Facebook accounts named “Google AI”, “AIGoogle”, “AiGoogle”, “AIGoogle.Plus”, “AIGoogle Bard FB” and “AIGoogleBard”. The names of the defendants will be added after identification during the investigation process.

Besides, the company asked the court to issue a permanent injunction to prevent fake versions of Bard AI and wanted the scammers to pay damages. Google said that if the lawsuit is successful, it will play a role in protecting users from similar scams in the future.

On November 13, the company also accused another group of scammers of creating 65 Google accounts to send thousands of copyright infringement reports to more than 117,000 websites. Fake complaints caused more than 100,000 business websites to be taken down, causing losses. millions of dollars

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