Adobe wants users to uninstall Flash

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

Adobe plans to end support for Flash when 2020 ends, but the company has increased its work from now on.

A ZDNet report said Adobe not only stopped providing flash downloads but also warned users and reminded them to delete Flash later this year and block Flash content on players from 2021 onwards.

This is not surprising information for Adobe Flash users, because Flash is considered a security nightmare. If Flash continues to be unsupported, attackers can exploit software vulnerabilities. However, it’s rare for developers to actively encourage users not to use it for months, like B. Adobe

This approach is in sharp contrast to Adobe’s position a decade ago. At the time, Adobe stressed that Apple should place limits online and use the iPhone and iPad instead of HTML5 flash technology for web content. Now Adobe even sees Flash as a burden.

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