Apple allows users to repair MacBooks themselves

by nativetechdoctor

Apple has just announced that it will add some MacBook models to its Self Service Repair program, allowing users to order genuine parts and components from the company to repair their devices.

According to Reviewgeek, from August 23, Apple will publish repair guides for the MacBook M1 line, sell genuine parts to customers and rent them repair kits for those machines.

So far, Apple has encouraged users to use an Apple-authorized service provider if their computer breaks down. The Self Service Repair program is essentially a step forward for Apple to meet future Right to Repair laws, such as the bill passed in New York earlier this year and the proposed law. of California (though not yet ratified by the state legislature).

While users are allowed to repair their devices, using Self Service Repair doesn’t seem to make sense from a financial point of view. Self-repair on an iPhone is about the same as taking it to an authorized repair shop while doing the repair at an unauthorized store or using third-party parts is usually less expensive. much more.

Authorized repair shops have offered cheaper repairs for years, while companies like iFixit sell repair parts and guides to Mac users looking to service their machines. surname. The drawback with this form is that it will void Apple’s warranty.

In fact, Apple has never banned users from repairing their own devices, but until now the company only provides repair manuals and official components.

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