Apple may already stop production of the iPhone 12 mini

by nativetechdoctor
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Last year, Apple released 4 variants of its new iPhone and relies on offering a model that is more compact than usual. iPhone 12. Unfortunately, despite the positive predictions, this model will not achieve the expected success. Despite the small savings compared to the iPhone 12, the small size and lower battery life don’t seem to convince users. According to various sources, Apple is currently in a lot of unsold items. This model will only represent 6% of the total sales of the iPhone 12.

This is why Apple would seriously consider halting production in the next quarter, according to William Yang, analyst at JP Morgan. The American company would have already reduced the production of iPhone 12 mini at the beginning of the year 2021, because of its lack of popularity, but also to allow to produce more iPhone 12 Pro, model which knows more of success.

Still according to William Yang, Apple could still offer a mini version of its 2021 flagship, although other rumors claim otherwise. The American firm could however make several improvements to its future mini model in an attempt to reconnect with the public. In particular, it is a question of greater autonomy. Whether this will suffice remains to be seen. See you next September.

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