At the end of September, what are the notable news of the game industry?

by nativetechdoctor

September, when Hideo Kojima’s Stadia copyright was denied by Google and the developers were trying to rescue their Stadia users.

A busy September for the gaming industry has passed with many news following the shocking news that Google Stadia will be shutting down in January 2023. notable

Google cancels exclusive deal on Stadia with Hideo Kojima

First up is the Kojima news, there were reports that Kojima Productions had an exclusivity deal with Google but the game was canceled because it was a single player experience.

Stadia general manager Phil Harrison was of the opinion that there wasn’t much of a market for singles these days and scrapped the project. While it’s unclear what happened to the project, there’s a chance it could have been adapted into a game called Overdose , which is rumored to be in development for Microsoft and Xbox.

Developer Hitman Looking to Move Game Progress From Stadia

With the announcement of Stadia’s closure, users are very worried about their games. Although Google has guaranteed players a full refund for all transactions made through the Stadia store, some fans are still concerned that their entire game play on Stadia will be ruined. erase.

Several developers have announced that they are looking into the possibility of porting the game and gameplay to other platforms, including developer Hitman IO Interactive, Ubisoft and Bungie.

Red Dead Online players on Stadia ‘beg’ Rockstar to find a way to transfer characters

One player is hoping that Rockstar will soon be added to the list of companies that support customers transferring game data from Stadia, as they have already spent a whopping 6,000 hours of playtime on Red Dead Online and are ‘ beg’ developers to allow porting their characters to another platform.

Rockstar has yet to respond on whether they have plans to transfer the character, but if not, those entire 6,000 hours of gameplay will go to waste when Stadia shuts down next January.

The God Of War PC version of the studio is working on a ‘top’ live service game with Sony

In addition to the Stadia news, it has also been revealed that the developers behind the PC version of God of War – Jetpack Interactive – are currently working on a ‘flagship’ live service title for Sony. It’s currently unclear if the title will be connected to God of War , but it looks like the company is ramping up its plans to launch 10 live-serve games by 2025.

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