Billionaire Bill Gates predicts the impact of AI

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared his thoughts on the threat that artificial intelligence (AI) poses to future jobs.

According to Business Insider, Mr. Bill Gates envisions a future in which technological advances, such as AI, can lead to a society where people work less and enjoy more free time.

He predicted a three-day workweek thanks to the machines’ ability to produce goods and food. “Machines can produce all food and goods,” he said. According to Bill Gates, he used to consider sleeping as laziness, but over time, he understood that there is more to life than simply working.

The most interesting thing is that Bill Gates is not the only one with this thought. Other leaders and prominent figures, such as JPMorgan head Jamie Dimon, have taken similar views. Dimon also predicted a future with a 3.5-day workweek due to the advancement of AI and technology. According to him, the next generation may live up to 100 years old and face a lower risk of diseases such as cancer thanks to technological advances.

The concept of shorter work week thanks to automation and AI appears to be gaining traction among the most influential leaders and thinkers in the business world. This idea sparks discussions about how we can redefine work-life balance in an increasingly technology-driven world.

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