F1 2022 will have more supercars and crossplay capabilities

by nativetechdoctor
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Many supercars are expected to make their first appearance in the 2022 edition of the F1 series of games.

racing game 2022 F1 is expected to have more supercars, this is the first appearance of a supercar in the history of this game series. Information revealed by Xfire, says supercars will come with an extension of the Story mode.

However, that mode will not be introduced this time, replacing it will be a new mode called F1 Life, which is supposed to give players a glimpse into the lives of F1 behind. track and allow them to buy luxury items in the game. These luxuries also include supercars, known for their sports powerful, street-legally licensed

There is a limitation that players will be able to drive these supercars to race alongside the F1s, but the report claims that you can race the supercar on the game’s 23 tracks, even compared to the F1s. compete with other online players. In addition, players also get VR (virtual reality) support in F1 2022.

Although the report says F1 2022 will not have a Story mode, it is reported that F1 2023 will bring it back. The reason why F1 2022 does not have this mode is due to limited time.

If the reports from Xfire are correct, F1 2022 will be EA’s second game with cross-play capabilities, after FIFA 23 was revealed to allow PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players to compete together.

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