FIFA 21: the ranking of the 100 best players, the best clubs and national teams

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every year, EA Games presents a complete list of 100 best players for FIFA 21. This video game developed by EA Canada and EA Romania will be released on October 9, 2020, on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox on one side of Google Stadia and then on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The Complete List of FIFA 21’s Top 100 Players

Let’s go through this full list of the top 100 FIFA 21 players, according to EA Sports. You will also find and at the end of the ranking the best clubs then, the best nations.

FIFA 21: The top 10 best players

This year, Argentina’s Lionel Messi, who plays as a forward for FC Barcelona, ​​became number one with an overall rating of 93%. It is slightly worse than last year as it scored 94% in FIFA 20. Cristiano Ronaldo is in second place with a score of 92% (93% in FIFA 20). Robert Lewandowski, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior and Jan Oblak finished next in the ranking, with all four receiving a score of 91%. Lewandowski’s progress during the year has been impressive as the Bayern Munich striker only finished 15th in FIFA 20 with an overall score of 89%. The Belgian and Slovenian goalkeepers still have the same results as in 2020.

Obviously we found a very young player from the French team, Kylian Mbappe – also this year’s cover star – at number 8 on the list and with an overall rating of 90%. With a value of 265 million euros, Kylian Mbappe is currently the most expensive footballer in the world. also the best player in the world under 21 for the year 2018. Virgil Van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, and Sadio Mané have an overall score of 90%.

FIFA 21 – players 11 to 20

Let’s continue with the FIFA 21 Top Player Rankings. After Sadio Mane, Mark-Andre ter Stegen is 11th with an overall score of 90%. The German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper at FC Barcelona has the same result as Brazilian Alison Ramses Becker, who also plays as a goalkeeper, but at Liverpool.

With an overall score of 89%, we find Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid FC), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), and Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo (Manchester City), then Karim Benzema, player of Real Madrid CF who arrives at the 16th position of this classification.

FIFA 21 – players 21 to 40

Next we move on to the list of players 21 to 40. Harry Kane, Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Paulo Dybala, Ederson, Samir Handanovic, Kalidou Koulibaly and N’Golo Kanté are all eight with an overall score of 88%. French international N’Golo Kanté, a Chelsea midfielder, comes in 26th place in the table.

Aymeric Laporte, the French international who plays as defender at Manchester City (Athletic Bilbao announced the release clause of his contract on January 29, 2018) comes in 39th place. The latter comes just behind Antoine Griezmann, striker and attacking midfielder at FC Barcelona, placed him in 38th position. Both obtained an overall score of 87%, as did Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz, the Uruguayan player also attacking for FC Barcelona.

FIFA 21 – players 41 to 60

Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper at Tottenham Hotspur, joins the top three players for France in this ranking. The goalkeeper and captain of the Blues thus arrive in 48th position in this ranking, with an overall score of 87%. With 108 games played in 2018, Lloris had become the 4th most selected player in the history of the French team, behind Desailly (116), Thierry Henry (123), and Llian Thuram (142). The French also obtained the same overall score as Roberto Firmino (41st place, striker at Liverpool FC), Bernardo Silva (right winger from attacking midfielder or central midfielder at Manchester City), Andrew Robertson (defender at Liverpool FC), Fabinho ( real name Fábio Henrique Tavares, defensive midfielder at Liverpool FC), Keylor Navas (goalkeeper at Paris Saint-Germain), Sergio Busquets (defensive midfielder with FC Barcelona) as well as Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus FC).

Below the top 50, we find Raphaël Varane, central defender who is currently playing in La Liga at Real Madrid, in 60th position and with a score of 86%. We also find at the same score and in 51st position Paul Pogba, the Manchester United player.

FIFA 21 – players 61 to 80

Penultimate part of this ranking, with scores ranging from 86% to 85%. No French is on this list, unlike the Germans and the Spaniards. We thus find in 61st position the Spanish player Jordi Alba, who is now playing as a left side with FC Barcelona. Chelsea, however, put three players in at once, allowing them to be tied in number of players with Barca, Inter and Juventus Turin.

Lorenzo Insigne, striker and captain at SSC Napoli, comes in 80th position in the standings, with an overall average of 85%. The same score as Ricardo Pereira (defender with Leicester City and with the Portugal team), Thiago Silva (central defender with Chelsea FC and with the Brazil team), Matthijs de Ligt (best young football player in the world in 2019 , now defender with Juventus FC) and many others, including Tiago Cardoso Mendes, center-back with Chelsea FC.

FIFA 21 – players 81 to 100

Here is the last part of this ranking of the best players of FIFA 21. We will find only Clément Lenglet as a French player, who is currently playing as a central defender at FC Barcelona. He is ranked 89th on this list with an overall score of 85%. The only player in the standings to drop below the 85% mark is the Norwegian Erling Haaland with a score of 84%. He plays as a forward for BVB 09 Borussia Dortmund.

FIFA 21 – the best clubs

Without surprises, F.C. Barcelona and Liverpool arrive at the top of this ranking with 10 players. Real Madrid then come in second with 9 players, back to back with Manchester City. In third place come Juventus Football Club, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) and Bayern Munich, all three with 7 players. PSG is the only French club with Lyon (Memphis Depay) to have players in the top 100. Next comes Football Club Internazionale Milano and Chelsea Football Club with 5 players, then Manchester United Football Club with 4 players.

  • F.C. Barcelona: 10 players
  • Liverpool: 10 players
  • Real Madrid: 9 players
  • Manchester City: 9 players
  • Juventus Football Club: 7 players
  • Bayern Munich: 7 players
  • PSG: 7 players
  • Inter: 5 players
  • Chelsea: 5 players
  • Man Utd: 4 players

FIFA 21 – the best nations

With 12 players in total, Spain and Germany lead the nation in terms of number of players. France comes in 3rd position with 9 players, like Brazil. England follow the trend with 8 players, then Argentina, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Portugal with 4 players.

  • Spain: 12 players
  • Germany: 12 players
  • France: 9 players
  • Brazil: 9 players
  • England: 8 players
  • Argentina: 7 players
  • Italy: 6 players
  • Belgium: 6 players
  • Holland: 5 players
  • Portugal: 4 players

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