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Snapchat’s artificial intelligence-integrated chat software My AI will be available to all account holders of the service, instead of being limited to a group of paid users as before.

Snap, the company behind the Snapchat messaging service, said that a customized chatbot program called My AI will be open to all users of the platform free of charge. ‘s artificial intelligence chatbot Snapchat is built on top of the large language modeling platform ChatGPT (released by OpenAI), which was previously only available to Snapchat + premium account holders.

This AI tool has the ability to suggest, answer questions, and help users plan, and write haiku (short Japanese poetry) in just a few seconds. Users can also bring artificial intelligence into chats with friends when entering “@MyAI” into the chat box, or name and design a Bitmoji avatar for My AI to personalize at will

The move comes just over a month after OpenAI opened up access to ChatGPT to outside businesses. Snap, Instacart, and Quizlet are 3 of the partners that quickly experience and integrate ChatGPT into their services.

Snap thinks that My AI is still far from the boundary of “perfect” but still a significant step forward. The company asserts that 99.5% of chatbot responses are in line with the community standards set by the platform, and the company also makes changes and adjustments to “prevent inappropriate or harmful answers.” for users.

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has surprised many people with its ability to chat, ask questions, or write content fluently like a human. This artificial intelligence has created new competition between large and small technology companies on a global scale while accelerating the process of integrating AI into different products and services.

However, integrating ChatGPT or other major language models is risky. Smart tools are trained through huge amounts of input with little control, so they can provide false information, or respond to users in inappropriate ways

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