Galaxy S22 features mobile crypto management

by nativetechdoctor
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Samsung’s newly launched flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22 series, will come with a new Samsung Wallet feature that can be used to store cryptocurrencies.

According to Neowin, the Galaxy S22 series devices are all powered by the Samsung Knox platform – which has its own secure memory and processor. This secure platform could be of great interest to those who buy, trade, or invest in cryptocurrencies.

All Galaxy S22 come pre-installed with the brand new Samsung Wallet. This virtual wallet does everything that is normally expected from a smartphone digital wallet. Samsung confirmed the presence of the new wallet in its presentation saying, “Our all-new Samsung Wallet brings your digital valuables in one convenient and safe place. You’ll be able to store your IDs, credit cards, passwords, keys, and even your boarding pass. So not only do you carry less, but you can access them anywhere. Samsung Wallet will also allow you to access and explore complex digital products, like cryptocurrencies, more easily.”

It is known that Apple Wallet has also provided this function in the iPhone. Both wallets can securely hold credit cards, boarding passes, transit cards, tickets, rewards/loyalty cards, digital keys, vaccination records, and digital IDs. keys blockchain ” as the company has confirmed that the Samsung Knox security suite supports this function.

Also during the presentation, Samsung will offer Galaxy S22 owners the ability to work with crypto tokens across devices. However, there is currently no official confirmation of the cryptocurrencies that may be inside Samsung Wallet.

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