See the foldable clamshell iPhone Air concept

by nativetechdoctor
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Recent rumors suggest that Apple is working on its first folding screen iPhone in a clamshell-style like the Galaxy Z Flip3.

According to Gadgetendency, although there are still no details about this smartphone, now everyone can see a high-quality concept of the product called iPhone Air.

Currently, the product is created solely on the imagination of designer Antonio De Rosa but looks very realistic, including the overall design style when unfolded to look very similar to the current iPhone.

Users can see the same flat sides, triple camera module, and pill-shaped notch display that looks like in some renders of the iPhone 14. Another interesting detail on the iPhone Air concept is the Apple logo placed on the hinge.

Although there is no description of the iPhone Air’s rival, it would not be surprising that the Galaxy Z Flip3 is in the sights. In terms of specifications, the design author mentioned that the device will be water-resistant with the Apple M1 chip – which is quite strange in a design as thin as the iPhone Air and indeed the performance of the M1 is too much for a smartphone.

It is known that Apple has so far only placed M series chips on its Mac computers but has not included any iPhone lines, so this detail is only for reference.

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