Google is not afraid of falling behind in the race with OpenAI

by nativetechdoctor
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Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, technology giants have quickly released generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. With the Bard chatbot being rated far behind its competitors, many people believe that Google is falling behind in the AI ​​race.

According to Insider, although the search giant strives to become an AI-first company, Google CEO Sundar Pichai feels Google’s AI engine needs to improve before integrating it. into the products.

CEO Google shared that the launch of ChatGPT was an exciting moment for him because Google is building the underlying technology and implementing AI across its products. He believes it shows people are willing to learn and embrace new technology.

When asked whether Google should have launched its own AI sooner than ChatGPT, Mr. Pichai said that doing so wouldn’t make much of a difference to the company’s bottom line in the long run.

Pichai’s recent comments on AI appear to have strayed away from concerns that Google may be falling behind in the AI ​​race. In December 2022, just a few weeks after ChatGPT launched, Google’s leadership declared the company “code red” because of concerns that OpenAI ‘s chatbot could replace the Google search engine in the future. , according to the New York Times.

In March, Google launched the AI ​​chatbot Bard. However, Bard did not meet the standard after giving many incorrect answers. Employees think that Google launched Bard too hastily. Even Alphabet President John Hennessy said that this chatbot is not really ready to become a public product.

Since the trial was considered a failed product, Google has announced a series of new AI products. In May, the tech giant launched the “Duet AI for Workspace” service, in which generative AI features were integrated into Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and other existing products to promote creativity and productivity.

Pichai said integrating generative AI into the search engine remains Google’s main focus in its development strategy

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