GTA 6 fans received sad news about the game’s release date

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Sources have recently reported that the release of the highly anticipated game, GTA 6, may be delayed beyond its original estimated date. The game was expected to be released in early 2025, but according to insiders close to the game’s production process, it may be pushed back until 2026. It has been reported that Rockstar Games is considering backup projects in case the production process encounters any issues.

The official trailer of GTA 6 was released in December 2023, garnering more than 90 million views in just 24 hours. The trailer confirmed the expected release date of 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and revealed some of the game’s context, which takes place in Vice City, a fictional area modeled after Miami. The trailer also introduced the family of two main characters, one of which is female, marking the first time a female character has been featured as a protagonist in the hit game series.

In early 2024, Rockstar Games announced the end of its hybrid working policy and required employees to return to working directly in the office. This decision was made after several serious information leaks about GTA 6, which raised concerns about information security and work efficiency.

Rockstar Games has been criticized in the past for its infamous “crunch” culture, which is a form of unpaid overtime. However, it has been reported that the company has improved in recent years. The employees at Rockstar are now pushing for transparency in salaries and promotions, a healthy and inclusive work environment, and work-life balance, focusing on the needs of each employee.

While the news of the game’s delay may disappoint fans, it also presents an opportunity for Rockstar Games to perfect the product and bring the best experience to players.

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