How Parents can monitor their child’s Snapchat messages

by nativetechdoctor
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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps, with 314 million users. as we all know, Snapchat started as a private one-on-one platform but has updated to photo and video sharing platform

Its auto-delete feature is the main reason why young people (teenagers) use the app. Snapchat automatically deletes photos, videos, and messages sent after a while. Users can also change settings to delete chat after 24 hours. with this auto-delete feature knowing what your child does on Snapchat is more complicated. this article will answer the question parents usually ask, “is there a way to monitor Snapchat messages?”

Reasons Why Parents Need To Monitor Their Child’s Snapchat

every parent has their reason to monitor their child’s Snapchat, and the reasons are:

Preventing Cyberbullying

Even though anyone can be bullied online, But most at times its the children who experience this the most. Cyberbullying comes in many forms. blackmailing, been irritated online. effects of cyberbullying include Depression, Physically Sick, Suicidal. so parents watching monitoring their child’s Snapchat will help to prevent cyberbullying


Since Snapchat is a video and photo-sharing platform, teens might think it’s cool to take nude pictures of themselves and send it to someone else. And because Snapchat has an auto-delete feature, it may make them feel secured, but these pictures can be saved and used against them. the best thing parent can do to stop their child from sexting is by monitoring them

To Prevent Their Child From Bad Friends

Snapchat has 314 million users, your child making friends with drug addicts and other people who are into shoplift is easy. and no parent wants their child to make such bad friends; hence Parents have to monitor their child

How Can Parents Monitor Their Child’s Snapchat

With monitoring Snapchat, there are several ways you can monitor Snapchat activity.

Using Keylogger

Keylogger is a type of monitoring software that records keystrokes made by a user. With keylogger, all the entries your child types will be sent to you. you can use this to monitor your child

Using Monitoring Apps

There are many monitoring apps for parents to monitor their child’s Snapchat. This includes Pocket Guardian. these apps have advanced remote monitoring features so you will know your child’s daily activity on Snapchat

You can also hire a hacker to hack your child’s Snapchat, but with this, you need a professional hacker. the reason why I did not add this to the list above is because its expensive and illegal, and if you do not take care people scam by telling you that they can hack your child’s account for you.

I hope this article helped you.

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