PS5: Sony apologizes and clarifies backward compatibility issue with PS4 games

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Sony apologizes on its Japanese Ask PlayStation twitter account and partially lifts the issue of the backwards compatibility of the PS5 to PS4 games.

Sony conducts a mysterious correspondence with regards to discussing backward compatibility on PS5. Following a fan’s post on the Japanese Ask PlayStation Twitter account, the company was regardless compelled to explain the issue.

don’t forget that the Ps5 will out soon, on November 19, 2020, starting from 399$

Backward compatible PS4 games on PS5 must be “validated” by Sony

Sony had to clarify things. For several weeks, the issue of backward compatibility on PS5 has kept coming back to the table. Jim Ryan, the current CEO group, said on September 17 that “99% of PS4 games will be backwards compatible.” Later, the Japanese firm added a touch of vagueness to the table by asserting that “thousands of PS4 games” would be compatible with the PS5, without further details.

So it was high time to set the record straight, and this is what the Japanese firm partially did today on its Japanese Ask PlayStation account. “If the PS4 game is compatible with the PS5, both physical and digital versions will be able to be played as they are on the PS5. If you intend to play PS4 games with a disc, please choose the PS5 model with disc drive, ”she replied to one of the Japanese social network users. In other words, the PS5 will indeed be backward compatible with certain PS4 games, but to the extent that each game must be “validated as compatible” by the company. It’s not much, but we are moving forward.

Note that Sony is still not clearly explaining what will happen when inserting an “incompatible” PS4 game disc on PS5. Will we be able to play it immediately and without problems? Will there be an update? Without answering these questions, however, Sony has decided to apologize to the matter. “We apologize for the lack of communication around backward compatibility [of PS4 games on PS5] and that is why we are issuing the above addendum.” In the meantime, remember the existence of the PlayStation Plus Collection, 18 of the best PS4 games available for free at the launch of the PS5 for PS Plus subscribers.

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