How to hide messages sent from unknown users on iPhone

by nativetechdoctor
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TikTok user @ambre_skye posted a video showing how iPhone owners can use a feature Apple created to hide messages from unknown senders.

According to PhoneArena , this trick won’t block users from receiving messages from people or companies they don’t know, but it will help them keep their inbox more organized. If you are not satisfied, you can change the settings again at any time.

To hide messages on iPhone from unknown senders, users should follow these instructions:

– First, make sure the user has the latest iOS version on his phone. They can also easily verify this by going to Settings > General > Software Update and the user’s phone will tell if it’s running the latest iOS version. If that’s the case, go to Settings > Messages and scroll down to Message Filtering. In this section, enable Filter Unknown Senders.

– Once you’ve set this up, the next time the user is in the Messages app, click Filters in the upper left corner. That will lead to three different options users can choose to filter their messages: All Messages, Known Senders, and Unknown Senders. If you want to clear your inbox and hide messages from senders you don’t know, select Known Senders. This will allow users to see only messages sent by people and organizations that they are familiar with.

– If you want to continue seeing all messages regardless of who sent them, tap All Messages. And for some reason want to see only messages from unknown people, tap Unknown Senders. The last option the user chooses before leaving the Messages app will be the default setting unless the user comes back and makes another change.

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