Intel catches up with AMD in the gaming graphics card market

by nativetechdoctor
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Intel gradually caught up with AMD when they both reached 9% of the total gaming graphics card market share.

According to PC Gamer, PC market research firm JPR has shared its latest analysis data on the graphics card market. Accordingly, in addition to showing that discrete graphics card shipments fell by 50% at the end of last year, JPR data also shows that Intel is now on par with AMD in terms of discrete graphics cards.

Both companies accounted for 9% of the market in Q4 2022, while Nvidia was dominating with 82%. This number is for discrete graphics card shipments only, not taking into account integrated and embedded graphics cards. If you include both types, Intel will account for 71% of the market, followed by Nvidia with 17% and AMD with 12%.

Notably, JPR’s numbers show that Intel accounted for 5% of the discrete GPU market from Q4 2021. That shows that the company offered more discrete graphics cards at that time than in Q4 2022. recently.

Since Intel doesn’t directly sell Arc graphics cards, it should be noted that JPR’s numbers are GPU shipments, not sales. Given the way GPUs are shipped to retailers and then sold, as well as the fact that not all GPUs shipped are necessarily sold, Intel is probably already at 5% by the end of 2021

JPR’s numbers also show Nvidia’s enduring dominance in the gaming graphics arena. Although both AMD and Nvidia are ‘equal’ protagonists in the battle for the upper hand in graphics performance, we still see AMD often lose to Nvidia. If you consider reality, it can be seen that this battle is really unequal, and what AMD has done is not too bad.

But the fact that Intel has tried to catch up with AMD with shipments of Arc graphics cards, which have had many uncertainties since launch, is also making the “red team” wary. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the battle between these three big boys plays out over the next few years.

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