iOS 16 causes iPhone battery drain problem

by nativetechdoctor

Since its release, iOS 16 has raised many problems, and one of them is that it drains the phone’s battery faster than usual.

According to iTech post , it’s been 2 weeks since iOS 16 was released but the complaints about the battery of this operating system have not subsided. Noted from 9to5Mac , the search for iOS 16 battery problems appeared on many different social networking such as Reddit, Twitter and TikTok attracting a lot of comments from the community.

This can be caused by indexing activities, photos, apps… in the background, leading to the phone draining battery even when it’s not in use. Apple has yet to address the issue, so it’s unclear if there’s a fix, and if the problem will go away after a while. iOS 16 has also provided iPhone users with a lot of new features and improvements, including automating phone functionality or making it look better. These factors can cause the phone to run more in the background and drain the battery.

Not stopping there, iOS 16 includes an activity panel directly on the lock screen, showing updates on current happenings, which more or less adds to the various reasons why. phone battery life is increasingly draining even when in standby mode. iOS 16 even has a feature where users can view the Earth, moon, or solar system using an astronomy themed lock screen that displays live conditions and updates each time there is a change. change. That kind of background activity will definitely drain your phone’s battery.

Besides, iOS 16 also brings users a new notification animation. With the way the phone updates everything, where it all happens in the system and apps, it is bound to take a toll on the battery. In addition to animations, it can drain twice as much battery as before.

In case you find your iPhone battery draining after updating to iOS 16, the simplest way to maximize the battery life of your phone is to adjust the screen brightness. The brighter the screen, the more power it requires, so lowering the brightness can significantly increase battery life. If a Wi-Fi network is available, use that instead of mobile data because Wi-Fi consumes less power and can be more convenient, not to mention it also reduces people’s phone bills.

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