iPhone 12 can be made in India from next year

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After starting the iPhone 11 production in India, Apple has continued to work on its selection as a production location for the iPhone 12 series in order to diversify its manufacturing base and reduce reliance on China.

According to Gizmochina, Apple will start production of the iPhone 12 series “Made in India” from mid-2021. Production will take place in Narasapura, Bengaluru, a facility operated by contract manufacturer Wistron. (Taiwan) operation. The report adds that Apple plans to employ about 10,000 people to work on this production line.

The factory in Narasapura is different from the factory used by Apple to assemble the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR models. Both phones are being manufactured by Foxconn at the factory in Chennai, which is also expected to begin production of the 2020 iPhone SE models from this year.

If the iPhone 12 models are made in India, the price for the iPhone 12 models in India could be lower as Apple would escape the 22% import tax on these devices. Currently, India is one of the places with the highest iPhone prices in the world.

For the upcoming iPhone 12 series, it is claimed that the official launch event has been postponed for several weeks. According to reports, the launch date was October 12, before they started taking orders and listing products a week later. However, not all iPhone 12 series products were released at the same time as the report said the iPhone 12 and 12 Max models were released in October and the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max in November.

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