The auto-fill feature on Android adds biometric authentication

by nativetechdoctor

Google’s Auto-fill feature finally adds biometric authentication, which has been around for a long time with competitors

This new capability is updated by Google from the server side to users using GMS versions v20.33.13 and v20.26.14. To check to see if you get the new feature go to Settings> Google> Auto-fill> Auto-fill with Google and there’s a new option called Auto-fill Security. If so, enable it to use the user’s device biometric solution such as fingerprint, iris scanning or secure facial recognition depending on the device the user owns.

Early reports suggest that Google Autofill works well with Google software such as Chrome, Android, and Chrome OS. With this software, the system will ask the user to use Autofill with Google whenever they need to enter credentials if it’s enabled. Using Google Autofill is also easy and free.

Hopefully Google will soon roll out this update to all Android users around the world in the coming days.

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