Meta was sued by 33 US states for causing addiction to young people

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The lawsuit accuses Meta of intentionally enticing children and teenagers to use social media in an addictive manner.

According to The Guardian platform, dozens of US states are suing the Meta and social network Instagram, accusing them of contributing to the health crisis among young people because of the addictive nature of social media platforms.

In a complaint filed in federal court in Oakland, California, 33 states, including California and Illinois, said Meta had repeatedly misled users about the significant dangers of its platforms. , at the same time intentionally causing children and teenagers to fall into addiction, forcing them to use social networks

The lawsuit says Meta exploited powerful and unprecedented technologies to entice, lure, and ultimately ensnare young people and teenagers with a profit motive. The lawsuit seeks multiple remedies.

For its part, Meta says it seeks to help teens stay safe online. In an emailed statement, the company expressed disappointment that instead of working with companies across the industry to create clear, age-appropriate standards for the many apps that teens choose, States have chosen the path of litigation.

Much of the focus on Meta stems from the release of documents in 2021, which said it had data showing that Instagram – originally a photo-sharing app – caused addiction and exacerbated social problems. Body image issues for young girls.

The number of 33 states filing lawsuits will certainly not stop as 9 more states are expected to file lawsuits next week, bringing the total number of states filing lawsuits to 42

The lawsuit accuses Meta of trying to get young people to spend as much time as possible on social networks, knowing that teenage brains are sensitive to the need to “like” other users. with their content. The lawsuit says Meta has publicly denied its social media causes harm.

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