NVIDIA suffered a cyber attack, massive damage estimated

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NVIDIA is the next big name to be targeted by hackers in 2022. According to a report from the Telegraph, the US computer hardware maker seems to have suffered a serious attack, possibly affects the majority of its business worldwide.

In its exclusive report, The Telegraph reported that the attack against NVIDIA took place at the same time that Russia’s cyber warfare division began operations against Ukraine’s cyber infrastructure. Nearly all NATO members and allies have already passed tough sanctions on Russia, and this could be why Russia decided to target major global companies like NVIDIA like NVIDIA. a retaliation.

We are investigating a security incident. There isn’t any additional information to share at this time, ” the Telegraph quoted an Nvidia spokesman as saying

However, according to the preliminary investigation results, the attack targeting NVIDIA seems to have completely compromised the company’s business divisions. In fact, there have been reports from some users regarding service interruptions. The exact scale of the attack is unknown at this time, but it clearly appears to be a serious incident as NVIDIA had to take some of its network infrastructure systems offline to limit the damage. as well as calm the attack before it can spread further.

NVIDIA’s mail servers are also partially down at the moment, so it’s entirely possible that there was a breach in the confidential documents. However, information on whether or not the data was stolen is still open. Another major concern is that NVIDIA will now have to ensure that the services and software they are providing to end users are completely free of any viruses or malicious code. This is not an easy task

Damage is certainly inevitable for NVIDIA, but specific information about the impact on users of its products and services is still relatively vague.

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