PSVR 2 glasses are being ‘cracked’ to play on PC

by nativetechdoctor

A virtual reality developer has successfully cracked the authentication feature of PSVR 2 glasses with a PC.

According to Dexerto, Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) virtual reality headset launched earlier this year and received rave reviews. But behind this device, there is still a big question of whether it supports PC or not. The previous answer was no, but things may change in the future.

Accordingly, a VR developer recently found a way to ‘crack’ (jailbreak) so that PSVR 2 can be recognized by PC systems. This developer is nicknamed iVRy and developed the software of the same name in 2017

iVRy is a type of driver that allows the use of a variety of non-PC VR hardware (non-desktop virtual reality devices) right on the PC. The software used to work with the first version of PSVR glasses is being set up to work with PSVR 2 .

When asked about the jailbreak process, iVRy declined to disclose it because it is not authorized to discuss the issue. The developer also said that they always have a way to bypass the authentication step to connect the VR headset to the PC, unless Sony changes the authentication method on the PS5.

iVRy went on to say that the team did not exploit the bug to break into PSVR 2’s authentication system and hoped that Sony would not retaliate against them because this was only a limited test, and very few users took advantage of it. this jailbreak.

Despite successfully authenticating with the PC, after more than 70 working days, iVRy still cannot launch PSVR 2 in VR mode when connected to the PC. His team also said that they spent $9,500 on the project thanks to PayPal donations from fans, but things are still very difficult and success is uncertain

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