Sony: PlayStation 5 shortage is over

by nativetechdoctor

Speaking at CES 2023, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and president Jim Ryan revealed a piece of information that is of great interest to gamers, that the shortage of PlayStation 5 has finally ended.

According to GizmoChina , since its launch in 2020, the purchase of PlayStation 5 has always been difficult for interested customers due to various factors such as supply chain problems, chip shortages, buying speculators. Out of stock and resold at a large price difference, etc. So, the fact that the head of Sony confirmed the end of the shortage of PlayStation 5 is clearly good news for fans.

In his statement, Mr. Ryan said: “Everybody who wants a PlayStation 5 will easily find one at retailers globally, starting from this point on.”

Besides, Sony also announced that it has sold about 30 million PlayStaion 5 units . This means the company may have sold around 5 million units since November 2022. During the presentation, the Sony executive commended PlayStation users for their patience and said the company has “handled tremendous demand amid the global challenges of the past two years”.

However, according to surveys in some markets, this console is still out of stock at major US retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop. Other markets globally still have this console but the supply is quite limited.

It is known that Sony is also preparing to launch PlayStation VR2 in February. It is not clear at this time whether the availability of PlayStation VR2 has experienced the same situation as the PlayStation 5 throughout the years.

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