Soon users will be able to ‘copy-paste’ between Android and Windows 10

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft has narrowed the gap between Windows 10 and Android devices thanks to the Your Phone app, which allows users to manage notifications, texts, and calls on their Android phones on Windows devices. 10. Now, Microsoft is taking the integration between these two platforms to a whole new level, which is the ability to synchronize clipboard cache.

The development of copy-paste across multiple devices by allowing synchronization of data from clipboard across Windows 10 and Android devices. From there mobile users can copy the items on their Android device and paste them into Windows 10 in real time and vice versa.

Microsoft rolled out Cloud Clipboard in 2018 in Windows 10. Now it’s very likely that the company will enhance this feature with upcoming operating system updates. Microsoft is expected to soon allow Windows 10 users to copy-paste data from clipboard cache across all their signed-in devices, thanks to the support of its Azure cloud service, which also opens Extensive cloud-based copy-paste functionality for Android phones and tablets, thanks to the company’s SwiftKey keyboard app for Android.

There are several ways Microsoft can implement this feature. Microsoft will use the Microsoft launcher app on Android or integrate the Your Phone app.

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