The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a lower battery than the iPhone 11

by nativetechdoctor
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Regulatory documents published by TENAA recently show that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with a 3,687 mAh battery, about 7% less than the 3,969 mAh battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. According to MacRumors, the regulatory documents also list the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6 GB of RAM, as noted not long ago.

Apple has submitted many products to TENAA (the regulator of telecommunications equipment and information technology in China) for many years, and the list has proven to be accurate in many cases. Last year, for example, the battery and RAM capacity on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max series appeared in the database a few days before they launched. A rumor also claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a 3,687 mAh battery earlier this year.

Despite having a smaller battery, Apple’s specifications show that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the same battery life as the iPhone 11 Pro Max as both devices provide up to 20 hours of video playback and up to 80 hours of playback. sound again.

Apple never discloses the battery capacity or RAM in the iPhone, but the screens that remove the device after they hit the shelves help reveal these details more clearly.

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